Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homecoming Dances

Seaxe 1966 / Loara's First Homecoming Dance, Gym 11.19.1965

High school dances have changed in the last 50 years.  If you read the Saxon Shield and Yearbooks of old you will see that the Homecoming Dances were true Homecomings.  The alumni were invited back for free and the cost of the dance was $1.00.  But the decor was not extravegant but it worked for the time.  Most of the time there was a Dj spinning records in the corner and everyone had a great time.

Loara High School Gym 10.20.2012 / taken at the same angle as the 1965 Homecoming Photo

Surprisingly the cost hasn't shot up that much in 50 years.  A ticket is $15.00 today, surly that doesn't match the cost of living increases.  Loara works hard to make the dances as affordable as possible for all to attend.  Nothing worse than a dance with no one there.  In a 1990's yearbook they reported they were over 400 attendees, today we get about 800 in attendance in good years but we generally hit the 700 mark.  Sadly that's about 1/3 of the school, many have to work, baby sit or are not interested in dances.  

In 2013 terms Dj is a name that has morphed Vj (Video Jockey), Digital Dj's and more have entered the scene.  Oddly enough many have turned back to vinyl to mix their music but most do so on a Digital turntable not playing records or cd's at all but digital remixes that are further remixed at the dance itself.  Video has entered the dj scene that allows Dj's to play music videos of the songs they are tracking at the same time.

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