Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saxon Shield / First Edition

I thought about waiting to release the first "Saxon Shield" in a blog because we are working hard at getting together an editor and staff listing of all the Shields that ever were.  But as I look at the calendar I see time is a ticking.

Although I don't see a print date on this first edition of the "Saxon Shield" I'm dating it From October 17, 1962 to November 1, 1962, maybe a 65' alum has clear memories to print date.  You'll notice that this Shield was hand typed and formatted.  It was printed prior to the Student Government elections which are held on November 8, 1962 and you'll notice that the editor in chief happens to be Bob Adler who becomes the first ASB President of the school.

Other staff members on this copy I can read are:
Bob Adler Editor in Chief
Brent Romney: Sports Editor

Steve Milner: Art Editor
Debi Murdoch: Feature Editor

Margaret LaPierre Co editor
Linda Bernard: Social Editor

Let me pull out a few of the articles so you can read them a little better:


By Debi Murdoch
Debby Arnhardt
Doing a terrific job of leading cheers this year is Debby Arnhardt.  Debby along with being the former head cheerleader, keeps a high scholastic average. Among her favorites Debby names: blue, "Close to Cathy" and Johnny Mathis.  When asked about her favorite food, Debby quickly replied, "Anything." It sounds like she really likes to eat! Debby's most embarrassing moment occurred earlier this year when she walked into the boys' gym by intake.  Since then, though, she seems to have found her way around campus much better. Debby's classes this your include English, Geometry, Gym (of course), Office Practice, Drivers Ed. and French.  She doesn't have a favorite class or teacher. For an ambition, Debby in interested in becoming an English teacher.  This should be quite a chance --- instead of telling us Saxons to yell louder she'll probably have her hands full keeping her class down to a low roar.  Unfortunately, Debby's family is moving to Borneo in about two months.  We'll sure be sorry to see such a loyal and outstanding Saxon leaving.  We all, I'm sure, wish Debby all the luck and happiness in the world.


Tuesday, October 16 four banner girls and one baton twirler were picked.  These girls were chosen from twenty other girls to represent our school in parades.  The judges, Miss Malucky and Mr. Marino, decided on these four girls:  Janet Clark, Carol Shaw, Mickey Smith and Carolyn Young.  All girls participating were judged on poise, posture and ability to march to music.  Our only baton twirler, Pat Nannes, was chosen from two other girls on the basis of poise and routine.

(Note: in the 1962 yearbook there appears to be a Marcia Young carrying the letter A, also they list Margery Jo Black as the Drum Majorette.  Many claim this is a picture of Pat Nannes.  As I graduated in 1982 I cannot confirm not deny this claim.  Maybe a member of the original Seaxe can clear up any claims.  Yet another mystery)


What appeared to be a roaring blaze at Loara's gym was only an overheated xxx and was put out on the spot.  No damage to the school was resulted.
Roofing operations by Brown Roofing Co. included a huge tar melting pot.  On Monday October 1, the fire was neglected and the tar caught fire.  The Anaheim Fire Department rushed two trucks to the scene and the fire was extinguished immediately.


  1. I remember the old days at Ball Jr. High. We typed out the columns by hand, and even justified both margins, then cut and pasted. Really cut and pasted! The headlines had to be done by hand also. Fortunately, but the time I got to Loara, the district office typed everything for us. Thanks for the memories, Paul!
    Debbie Emery, class of '77

    1. In the mid-60s we had to type out stories and columns, then send them into the Anaheim High printshop, where they'd be turned into linotype galleys and returned. We'd then proofread, choose the headline and the style, and send them back. Our editors did the cutting and pasting.

  2. I've seen this photo of our first Majorette before, but this is the best copy I've seen. It sure looks like Pat Nannes ('65) to me. Anyone have thoughts on that? Pat was a Majorette with Pat Snelson in 1963-64, and Head Majorette with Pat Snelson, Elaine Ford, and Cheryl Lessley.

  3. Aaaww, Miss Malucky! She was still there when we graduated in 1982. I love that one of the classes was "Office Practice". Was that still availbe when we were there in the '80's? I don't remember it, but could have been. You all did a fine job on that Saxon Shield, Ken Hecker! I hope someone had the good sense to save original copies from subsequent classes.

  4. someone did and I have em locked up ... well John Marshall is scanning them all and putting them up on Loara High School Facebook page. aren't you a member Ms. Good Witch (which i know isn't true)

  5. The first issue appears to have been printed in October 1962. It talks about the last day at Magnolia as being 10/31/1962.

    I am scanning as fast as I can all the issues that Paul has lent me.

  6. Yes, Marcia Young was the "A" in our banners. Not sure why she was left out of the first edition of the Shield, since it takes five ladies to carry even the first, one-piece banner. When they went to the tall banners the second year, there was Marcia, on the end (not counting the shield banners added later).