Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ribbons & Memories

How many people in Saxonland remember these things?  Those ribbons you'd buy every football game at Loara to support your team and your school?

ON this blog please list any other memory you have of Loara High School whether it be a spirit pin, a favorite place to eat, your favorite class or anything else that comes to mind ... we would love to hear your story.


  1. I sure do remember them. We wore them for every football and basketball game. We even had them at Trident! They were fun. We also had Pep buttons to wear too. Sadly I don't have any of mine left.

  2. Memories... I have a few good ones. Probably the best, other than graduation, was my senior year when our football team went undefeated and won the CIF championship.

    My Vice-Principal, Donald McKim, became a mentor to me. He was very tough and many did not like him but I came to respect him and valued his guidance through the years.

    I had many wonderful teachers, Mr. Abney for Electronics, Mr. Douglas for US History, Coach Dear was my P.E. teacher for all 3 years and a great guy, Mr. Frohling taught me geometry, Mr. Sadler for Algebra II, but the class that has really stuck with me though all my business career was a short class on Business English taught by Mrs. Roscoe. We learned to write business letters, how to fill out applications and write a resume and, most importantly how to dress and behave when applying for a job. Based on my experience from job applicants in our business, it is a class that should be taught today!!

    The Student Store. My junior year I was allowed to help out in the student store which was then located in about 1/3 of a Quonset hut on the west side of the Senior Circle. At that time we sold pencils, pens, erasers, Pee Chees (folders to put papers in), other school necessities, decals for your car and bags of candy! It was a real money maker for the junior class. I also worked the concession booths at home football and basketball games and became quite the coca cola drink guy! I was the only one who seemed to be able to keep the cokes going without foaming up too much. Fun times! John

  3. I remember those ribbons, and we had pins/buttons that held them on our jackets too! We had them at Ball Jr. High too! I think I have one in a school memory box somewhere! It was a big deal to see how many you could collect, I seem to remember! I'll try and dig one out for Homecoming! :)

    I had so many great memories of Loara 1979-1982! Being a BG, in ASB, Dances, Football Games, Pep Assemblies, Kiss a Pig Contest, Mr. Sexy Legs, Spirit Weeks, good times!! :) Mary