Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homecoming Queens 1962 - 1987

Saxon Shield / November 18, 1965

The First Queen to 1987

Patti Williams - Saxon Shield Dec. 9, 1965
As the school opened in 1962 there was no Homecoming held until they graduated in 1965, the class of 1966 got the first Queen.  Often times people are confused as to who was Queen their year, because Graduation is the calendar year after Homecoming ever happens. This means during the 1966 year the Queen is crowned in 1965.  

Loara's first Homecoming was November 19, 1965.  Loara played Kennedy High School at Handel Stadium and it also marked the night that the Larry Lawrence Memorial Circle was dedicated.  The dance was held after the game in the Gym from 10:30 pm - 12:30 am and cost $1.00 with ASB and $1.50 without ASB to attendees and free to all alumni.

Patti Williams / First Queen
To keep things simple (I hope) I've listed the Queens in their graduating years not their crowning year, and I've separated them in 25 year chunks (which means more to follow).

Enjoy the video montage of the first 25 years of crowning.  Oh and before I hear any chirping I stuck some other photos from other dances in there just to make the video flow with time, see if you can spot them and which dance they were from.

Loara High School Homecoming 1962 - 1987 Video
 (click here)
I apologize that I can't seem to get a video to insert, I believe it's because of special graphics, so you'll need to click through to the video by clicking the link or graphic.

The Queens

1963 - First Class enters Loara
1964 - Sophomores & Juniors only
1965 - First Graduation
1966 - Patti Williams

1967 - Cheri Lessley
1968 - Nancy Freedman
1969 - Anne McDonald
1970 - Dorothy Bye
1971 - Nancy Ribacchi
1972 - Robin Humphry
1973 - Silvia Haaz
1974 - Dean McDonald
1975 - Sue Lee
1976 - Laurie Hoffart
1977 - Linda Emond
1978 - Sara Schantz
1979 - Robin Ray
1980 - Dana Krygler
1981 - Christie Dubach
1982 - Sheryl Sutherland
1983 - Wendy Fowke
1984 - Nancy Reiss
1985 - Ange Andros
1986 - Robyn Gorrie
1987 - Kathy Rodrigues


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  2. fixed, and Ken if you read I needed to add a few other Queens from other dances to get the length to work ... the 82 Winter Formal is in there too. There was a small amount of photos from the earlier years.

  3. Paul that is a great video, so fun to see the change in fashion throughout the years! Loved it!

  4. An interesting fact is that the sister of one of the two Senior Attendants for Homecoming 1965, Dale McDonald, became 1969 Homecoming Queen. I remember Anne McDonald as a wonderful young lady who babysat my girlfriend's little sisters.