Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"An Unexpected Journey"

Saxon Shield volume 1 issue 1
On November 1, 1962 (See the first Saxon Shield to the right for article), Loara High School opened it's doors to the students that were using Magnolia High School as a temporary school.  The Sentinels hosted the Saxons for two months (Sept 10, 1962 was the first day of school) in double sessions at Magnolia's campus.  As the activities Director at Loara High School for the last 23 years (first 5 acting as assistant to Alden Esping) and a 1982 graduate - teaching at Loara since 1987 as a sub and now full time, I feel it appropriate to start this blog on the 50th anniversary of the schools beginnings.  I plan to post photos, blogs, and History from Loara High School throughout its growth. My hope is you enjoy this "Unexpected Journey".  Check In at least once a week to follow the story


  1. Very cool!! Looking forward to seeing all the blogs There a lot of people rallying for the Homecoming Game! Can't wait!

    1. The class of 1992 is having their 20 year reunion that weekend so it should be quite a crowd. We are playing Santa Ana

  2. WOW! I tried to comment a few different ways on my iphone but it just wouldn't give it to me! So I got a Pepsi and went to my computer. So As I was saying. I am very proud of you and yes you are the right person to start this blog. You have done a great job with the graphics and layout. I look forward to watching it grow. Loave -Bro aka Michael "jomodad" Chylinski