Thursday, August 23, 2012

ASB Presidents

ASB Presidents 1962-2012
Throughout our illustrious career, we have had some pretty amazing people grace our halls, athletics, academics, and leaders. In 50 years, 4 students have served two terms as ASB President. Bob Adler 1962-1964 was the first, Alan Scarce in 1978-1980, Anna Moreno 2003-2005 and the most recent was Shokry "Teddy" Tiab 2006-2008.

Their stories will be told throughout the year but as I sit here, the night before we as teachers have to go back to school and the night prior to our freshmen orientation program (which welcomes 750 students to Loara) before classes start next year I find myself amazed at all of those that have held the highest student position on our campus.

This post is a shout out to them.
Bob Adler, first ASB President 1962-1964

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