Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Attendance & Economy

It's Wednesday, Day 3 of school and I think it's amazing that with all the bad press that education gets we have only 5 kids absent today.  When school started many were still on vacation or getting registered so the numbers were off.  But how proud am I that kids in our community really want to go to school.

I am sitting in the yearbook room at the present time and we are discussing Senior Ads, Senior pages and Senior photos and I find myself reflecting back to the Class of 1982 (my graduating class) and how much impact that year had on my life.  I loved our yearbook and the memories that it captures throughout the year, brings me back to the days.  The days I spent with people I have maintain friendships with since Pre School at Temple Beth Emet across the street.

The sad reality today is that less than 1/2 of Seniors can afford their senior yearbook, and of the just under 2700 students on this campus only 750 actually buy a book.  Here is the change of culture, it's not that they don't want it, it's the one luxury item parents seem to cut out of their budgets.  I find kids really love their school, they are connected but we need to reach out a bit more, reach out to those hidden in the halls that aren't connected to anything.  It's not the school, it's the product of what is.  ASB's goal this year is to REACH OUT to the campus and make this campus whole once again.  What better year to start than YEAR ONE of the next 50 years?

Attendance Summary
TodayPrior Day2 Days Prior
Enr - Total266826692669
Enr - Male131913201320
Enr - Female134913491349
Present2663 | 99.81%2639 | 98.88%2601 | 97.45%
Absent5 | 0.19%30 | 1.12%68 | 2.55%

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