Thursday, August 23, 2012


I feel it important to note that as the school year begins the word about all the trees being pulled out is true. If you had your favorite shady tree you stayed under during lunch or with that special someone ... Those trees are gone. However! New trees went up in their place. Sure there isn't shade like before but the campus has been renewed and refreshed for a new generation. It's a love/hate situation because we love our shade (especially during lunch) but we hate losing auch fond memories. Yet as we begin year one of the next 50 years it's seems like a clean slate.

The decision was made by someone at the district level, and with all the changes who knows if they are still there, so don't be knocking on anyones door at the school, these decisions are above our pay grade. I will say the the school looks pretty nice. Come visit soon.

Workers planting the trees a week before school starts
Workers on campus taking trees out his summer, who knew?

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