Friday, September 28, 2012

Academic Rally

Part of the 400 students that were honored
 In the 2011 -2012 school year we realized that we were missing out on recognizing an entire group of students for their talents and gifts in education.  These kids have high academic achievement and great attendance records and nothing was done to recognize them.  Being the Activities Director for the school for 23 years I knew better but I was so overwhelmed by everything else that it was hard to do yet another thing. I remember when I was a student that we received certificates when we hit high academic honors, and that alone was pretty cool to receive.  But why not recognize them in the same manner as the athletes?  The idea isn't a new one, many schools have begun to change cultures and create a positive spin on getting great grades.  A company called Jostens started a Renaissance Program that showed schools how to put on great rallies and how to recognize students differently.  This program is nationwide, and should be applauded for it's efforts.  Many schools have Renaissance Classes and Officers that work just in the academic part of the schools inner workings.

Color Guard before Assembly

At Loara we have taken that idea and made it our own.  For many years Loara has had an Educations Officer in Student Government and that role has morphed into a Renaissance type role.  We do student of the month, read birthdays on announcements and some other minor things but we never hit them all at once in a public setting. On September 28, 2012 we held an assembly to change the culture, and stepped up what we have been talking about ... recognizing high achievers in all they do.  The assembly is very similar to a spirit assembly.

Sammy pumping up the crowd
The kids with 3.5 and higher walk through the sports tunnel as the band and drum-line play them in, the cheerleaders cheer, the color-guard twirls and the band plays the Alma Mater.  The only difference is, we have keynote speakers, the Principal speaks about education and an Honors Teacher talks about how proud they are of all the hard work and accomplishments put in by these students.  The video we show doesn't show how we did at a football game but shows images of the students working toward education and the clubs they are involved in.  Watch the video "What makes you beautiful" 

(spoiler alert) there is one grammar error in the video, I left it there on purpose to see if people were truly watching, I recall hearing that  Disney does things like this so in Disney n  style they always put in some kind of thing just for the people that made the film.


  1. Great video, Paul! Wish the kids could have seen it at the assembly. I'll have to show it to my advisement on Tuesday. Thanks!

  2. Love it! It is great that ALL the kids get recognition for their hard work, not just the athletes.