Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Logo and Mascot

Original Graphic Logo
There has been a vibrant discussion of late to why did we ever change the logo for Sammy Saxon.  Many traditionalist want Sammy kept in tack with his simple outline, horns and holding his sword in one hand, touching it with the next and giving a wink to the crowd.  This was the design that has held fast since the school opened in 1962.

I know I'm opening myself up to scrutiny here because on Facebook the traditionalist have raised quite a stir when looking at the new logo that has come from our modernization and for the 50th Anniversary.

About 10 years ago Historians started to chatter about how Sammy was not Historically accurate.  The debate was over the horns on his helmet and the smaller sword that Sammy carried.  In our research we came to find that Saxons had no horns at all on their helmets.  Furthermore, as most great tribes do, there are certain things they do in celebration of victories and conquer.  For the Saxons that was to put wings on their helmets to display superiority and honor to the battle.

note the lack of horns
When John Dahlem became Principal of Loara High School, he had asked a friend of his that was a graphic designer to come up with some newer logos that he could use throughout his tenure.  There were 8 different graphics that were designed that year ranging from tough to more playful, there was even a Samantha Saxon that was quite risque.  These design were used only in printed work and not on any graphic placed on the school.

Sammy 2000
Then in 2000 a class wanted to paint a Mural on the big gym and a new design was born.  You'll notice this one did not have the sword all together and brought in a victory flag and the wings of victory.  During this time period people were being very politically correct.  Some schools had to change out their mascots from things like the Apaches and Indians for something less stereotyping. many went with animals like Huskies and Cougars.  Our very own Savanna Rebels went through scrutiny because of their Confederate Flag they used in game days.  As a school we were trying to keep our Saxon identity but make Sammy less violent and more noble.  As time passed we realized that no one really minded the toughness of Sammy so a new discussion was born.  Do we go back to the original comic styles of a winking Saxon or do we redefine him one more time?

50th Anniversary Logo
Saxon @ Herfod Castle
Therefore in the updating of Sammy we came back to the sword, back to the toughness and gave him some definition, One can say he has gone through many transitions.  The crack Historians felt that to have no horns/wings and no sword made Sammy look bare so it was a choice of horns or wings, and because we liked the idea of Victory, the wings became the predominant feature on his helmet. We also felt giving Sammy some definition in his arms and face, gave him more of a warrior type attitude.  With all the political talk of obesity in schools, we needed to present a more fit Saxon.

We have not forgotten our roots, nor is the Original Graphic Logo lost to all of posterity.  We still use it in print documents, in classroom settings, on graphic T's, notebooks and even this blog.  But as most great organization do, they modernize to a new world, they adapt to sell more "swag". See our Online Store for details and stay tuned for some retro wear.



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