Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hangouts (Malls)

The Malls

Since 1962 the landscape of Anaheim has changed along with the landscape of Loara High School.  Each group, clique, class or social set had their place to be after school that they called home.  What makes a place a good hangout?  By definition it doesn't even seem like hanging out would cause any harm:

the Dictionary:
hang out
vb (adverb)1.  (intr; foll by with) Informal to frequent the company (of someone) 
2.  Slang to relax completely in an unassuming way (esp in the phrase let it all hang out)
3.  Informal a place where one lives or that one frequently visits

even Urban Dictionary is rather calm about it's definition
hang out
Less serious than getting together or dating. Spending time with someone in the context of friendship or in the context of casually exploring whether you like someone as just a friend or maybe more than a friend.I'm gonna hang out with my best friend this weekend. We should hang out some time.

I posted up a question on Facebook and got so many fun answers that I'm not going to be able to write them all in one setting, I would love to hear your comments through the Loara High School Facebook account or even just leave them here ... What was your favorite Hangout?

Anaheim Plaza (indoor and outdoor)

Anaheim Plaza circa 1960
Anaheim Plaza circa 2010
In and around Anaheim there seems to be a consensus that we Saxons congregated around three Malls.  Probably the one that has the most memories for the older graduates would be The Anaheim Plaza.  Today the Anaheim Plaza is an outdoor shopping area with Walmart as its flagship store with a small food court and other retail space throughout.  The only thing that is there from the old Anaheim Plaza is the Marie Callendar's in the parking lot.  When it sat as an indoor mall there was Broadway at one end and Robinson's at the other and once they added the Mervyn's the mall was complete.  Inside you could walk around in the air conditioning eating Carls Jr. or a Bobs Old Fashion Ice Cream.  There was a Sunland Skiiers inside that every year hired high school kids to run it's annual sale at the Convention Center and a quirky store that sold knick knacks of every kind, it was like a Hot Topic before Hot Topic came around.

Buena Park Mall

Buena Park Mall

As Anaheim Plaza transition kids had two other choices to choose from and Buena Park Mall seemed the most convenient.  From the postings I've seen most used the mall for movies and food court more than a shopping experience.

Santa Ana Main Place Mall

Santa Ana Main Place Mall

This mall became more the place to really shop, with Nordstrom as it's flagship and a movie theatre on the third floor kids got the entire experience.  Students were begging for a place to shop for clothes and buy things other than the ordinary.  Our students were never the South Coast Plaza Type and once this mall was renovated our students started showing up.  It doesn't have it's stronghold like it used to but it still is a drawer for the food court and shops.

The City Mall

The City / Block / Outlets of Orange

The Outlets at Orange
The Block at Orange
For those that can remember the Outlets of Orange being called The City, this is a throw back.  This property has always been a local favorite no matter what the name it is under.  Close to the Anaheim Stadium, The newest rendition has brought in stores like Nordstrom Rack to change it's culture once again.

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  1. The Block, now known as The Outlets at Orange, has also employed many Saxons during their youth ^_^ (besides Disney).