Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Doubt

They're back!

In anticipation of the new album I felt it only appropriate to remind us of the biggest commercial band that features one of our alumni.

OC Weekly, Sept 13, 2012

This month marks the return of No Doubt, and the buzz for this new album is putting Gwen Stefani (class of 87) and the band in the spotlight once again.  Just check out the OC Weekly Article "No Doubt - In Their Own Words" An oral history of OC's greatest band, and their newest album "Push and Shove" By LILLEDESHAN BOSE Thursday, Sep 13 2012.

The lead to the story reads:

The biggest band to ever come out of Orange County have come to terms with juggling parenthood with their music careers, their OC roots and international fame, Gwen's solo career, and the realization that No Doubt have been together for 26 f*@#ing years. All that, as Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young get ready to release their sixth album, Push and Shove. Of course, everyone has an opinion about No Doubt, so OC Weekly talks to the band, their producers, their peers, their fans, and the movers and shakers of the OC ska scene from back in the day.

Reflecting back:

Personally I'm quite proud of Gwen's accomplishments.  Although she hasn't made a huge presence at Loara High School, I find that they way she is approaching stardom is quite successful, she successfully stays out of the spotlight and I think that's a cause for not being seen or going to certain places.  She seems to be left alone by the media in a way that other stars aren't.  Her relationship with Gavin, her kids and her stardom seem to be in check.  Sure the paparazzi chase her and snap up photos as much as they can, yet the articles all seem to be on the positive side, and for that we love her, she is always true to herself.

Make sure you checkout and Google Gwen Stefani to see all that she has become in the past 25 years after leaving Loara High School and read the early blog about alumni in music.

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