Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Loara High School Coat of Arms

Loara High School Crest of Arms

In doing research we came across information in regards to the crest.

Loara High School Crest

October 1963 Saxon Shield

The Loara Crest which is engraved on school rings and is the official school emblem will be on display in the main office.  Research was done and the crest was prepared by Dana Winters of Josten's.  The explanation of the crest is printed below the emblem.
"The Seaxes were the weapons used by the early savage tribes of Middlesex and Essex, England.  The name "Saxons" came from the word Seaxes.  The helmet and rapiers represent the early Spanish influence in California. The Tomahawk represents the early Indian of the area.  The rampant stallion is symbolic of the fine blooded horsed of this area.  The name Loara is an Indian name meaning "Lost Child." The Saxon helmet is the symbol of the school mascot name."

Arms:  (Gules, Argent, Blazon and/or Shield) Parted per cross of the first and supported by two rampant stallions.  In the Dexter chief, three seaxes barwise, proper on a field of the second.  In the sinister chief, a Spanish helmet superimposed on crossed rapiers proper on a field of the second.  In the Dexter base, a tomahawk proper on a field of the second.  In the sinister base, a rampant stallion proper on a field of the second.  Below the shield, a ribbon boldly proclaiming Loara High School Crest: on a torse of the colors, a Saxon helmet.

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