Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to school dance

I am always amazed at the first dance and how much fun the kids seem to have yet everyone isn't here. For the upper class men, it's like a "cool" thing if you don't come and yet the ones here seem so much cooler than the ones that choose not to go.  The dance is free if you have an ASB card and only $5.00 if you don't.  We lose money a bit on this dance but it's all about the spirit and welcoming everyone back to the school year.  Plus we want to sell ASB Cards.

Freshmen get their taste of a night time dance and they try to be all tough on the outside yet they are just as thrilled to be here, more than most ... They'll never admit it though.  Junior High Dances these days (if there are any) are held right after school, they don't have night time dances. I had only 2 altercations with Freshmen trying to find their place in High School, it's expected really, but boy is it silly.

It's 9:17pm and they are dancing away.

DJ Brought a Trailer with a Outdoor lighting package

About 500 kids are in this picture alone enjoying the dance ... notice the 4 LCD Televisions streaming videos in the back

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