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Clubs and Organizations

1962 - 1963 Student Congress
Throughout History people have wanted to belong, belong to something bigger than themselves.  There are many studies that show kids involved in school are more likely to succeed and become better participants in our society.  A group of friends of mine, that I respect highly, began an organization called "The Alliance for Student Activities" and they have gathered data and had a discussion to create what I think is the core of all education.  They have discovered that without students being actively involved they are more likely to drop out of school and society.  Their Let x = Student Activities is beginning to revitalize what I do for a living and direct me on a path to create a school where everyone on the campus is involved in something.

This week is join a club week, and Loara has plenty to join.  Each year a group decides to start a new club because they feel they aren't being represented or they just want to belong to something that is more "them".  We have seen clubs like a "sofa society" in which kids just hung out in a classroom, on a sofa everyday and talked.  We have clubs like the Socrates Cafe in which very similarly they sit in a classroom and talk everyday.  In looking at where we started to where we are, kids have many options to be a part of the bigger Saxon experience.

In the 1963 yearbook the clubs and organizations were:
  1. Student Cabinet
  2. Student Congress
  3. Spanish Club
  4. Honor Society
  5. Girls Athletics Association
  6. Boys League
  7. Debate Club
  8. Science Club
  9. Drama Club
  10. Lettermans Club
  11. Electronics Club
  12. Future Business Leaders of America
  13. Coin Club
  14. French Club
  15. Homemaking Club
  16. Annual Staff
  17. Newspaper Staff
  18. Marching Band
  19. Orchestra
  20. Chess Club
  21. The Chandelors
  22. Mixed Chorus
  23. Girls Glee Club
  24. Cheerleading
Kendra Lappin Inter Clubs Commissioner getting ready for Join a Club Week
Today the landscape looks quite different, our clubs include:

  1. Academic Decathlon
  2. Anaheim Acheives
  3. American Heart Association
  4. Auto Club
  5. Best Buddies
  6. Bible Club
  7. Black Student Union
  8. Book Club
  9. Bridges
  10. California Scholarship Federation
  11. Campus Crusaders
  12. Club 34
  13. DECA
  14. Education Academy
  15. Fashion Club
  16. French Club
  17. Freshman Senate
  18. Friday Night Live
  19. Garden Club
  20. Gay Straight Alliance
  21. International Club
  22. Halo Halo (Philippino Club)
  23. HOSA (Health Occupation Student Association)
  24. Japanese Club
  25. Junior Senate
  26. K Pop Club
  27. Key Club
  28. Leos Club
  29. Make A Wish Club
  30. Loara Media Arts Club
  31. MeCha 
  32. Music Speaks
  33. National Honor Society
  34. Nexus (Saxon Shield)
  35. PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership)
  36. Ping Pong Club
  37. Polynesian Club
  38. Recycling Revolution
  39. Red Zone
  40. Salsa and Swing
  41. Senior Senate
  42. Sophomore Senate
  43. Student Store
  44. Thespians
  45. World Cultures / TOK
  46. Upward Bound
  47. Vietnamese Club
  48. Yearbook
Join a Club Week September 17 - 21, 2012

Organizations like band, choir and cheer become organizations that have long standing so they are no longer considered clubs.  Cheerleading is being considered a sport as well.  Yearbook and Leadership (Student Congress) becomes a class and not a club.

No matter what the club, the important thing is involvement.  Something that connects them to our campus so they can have a significant amount of experiences to become rich humans in our global experience.  Since I can remember, I have heard the saying "Once a Saxon, Always a Saxon" and it has rang true (many other schools have now taken the saying as their own, but I know better ... it all started at Loara).  We also have another saying painted on the wall in the ASB Room that reads "Involvement Together ... the Key to Success - Alden Esping", this has been our mantra since I have taken the helm of activities. Alumni take note, your school is in good hands and in fact maybe just a little better, but it wouldn't have been so without the ground work you have all laid.  We are standing on your shoulders trying to enrich the Loara experience.

Associated Student Body 2012 - 2013 (Student Congress)
FRONT ROW: Matt Argame, Rachel Thomas, Marvin Flores, Cierra Boaz, Jasmin Brito, Alex Krebs, Ysabel Gatuslao,
Noelle Sadsad, Alex Valadez, Amanda Lenhardt MIDDLE ROW: Pauline Vibal, Hanna Summy, Hannah Simpson,
Sydney Duarte, Rachel Monroe, Taylah Padilla, Michelle Ngo, Jodee Phan, Erica Phommolysack, Mayra Montufar,
Nick Fortinberry, Daniel Paige, Jazlyn Lewis, Jonathan Vargas BACK ROW: Marcus Harris, Kendra Lappin,
Dillon Simpson, Esther Ochoa, Brooke Kibel, Bella Lee, Marco Perez, Austin Rivera, Krista Morales, Erick Pineda,
Leo Frias, Nidhi Venugopal, Alvin Tu, Raul Heredia, Alessandra Abraham, Miguel Baligod, Monica Fernandes,
John Quintos, Dustin Kawasaki.

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